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Glass Upgrading in Dublin

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Glass Upgrading in Meath

Reduce Energy Cost & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Our Glass Upgrade Service

Upgrade Your Double Glazing. You can upgrade your windows by having solar/heat saving double glazing installed in your existing frames, saving you up to €400 per year in heating costs. SilvAglaze double glazed units incorporated in any approved window system can give you an A-Rated window, which makes it a premium energy saving window.

Available in both double glazed and triple glazed options.

Benefits of a Glass Upgrade?

– High insulation qualities by using a glass with silver based low emissivity coating. This coating not only reflects heat back in to your home, but has excellent optical clarity, giving you the best of both worlds.

– Excellent light transmission, which allows the suns natural light and energy flow into your home.

– Have the optional capabilities of privacy, acoustic and solar control with the use of obscure, body tinted and acoustic laminated glass on the outer leaf.

– Manufactured to the recognised European quality standards.

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